Our males

Name: Kittystar Yourcat-Tyson
Title: Champion
Breed: SFS (Scottish-fold)
Color: ns 11 (black silver shaded)
Date of birth: 09.03.2013
Father: ICH. Genrih Silver Meriel (SFS ns 11)
Mother: Ase In the Hole Animal Space (SFS 71 ns 11)
Breeder: Suchkova Elena
Owner: Ivaschenko Olya

Name: Magic Box’ Oskar
Title: Champion
Breed: SFS (Scottish-fold)
Color: ny 25 (black golden ticked)
Date of birth: 22.11.2015

Father: Magic Box’ Darik (SFS ny 25)
Mother: Magic Box’ Sakura (SFL 71 ny 25)
BreederZakharova Marina
Owner: Chumak Olya & Ivaschenko Olya

Name: Absolu Diamond
Title: Champion
Breed: BRI (British shorthair)

Color: ny 12 (black golden shell)
Date of birth: 05.05.2018
Father: Golden Soft’s Bertolucci (BRI ny 12)
Mother: Absolu Blue Fantasy (BRI ay 25)
Breeder: Sulyagina Olya

Owner: Chumak Olya & Ivaschenko Olya