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A beautiful world is the world in which there are children and cats!

Dear guests, welcome to the pages of Laurum cattery!

We breed Scottish (Scottish Fold and Scottish Straight, Scottish Highland Fold and Scottish Highland Straight) and British Shorthair in different variations of silver and gold colors. All our pets live in love and care in several families whose members are directly involved in the activities and life of the cattery.

We care about the proper upbringing and social adaptation of our pets, so that in the future each graduate could be able to easily adapt to a new family. In the process of kittens raising our children help us: small and already adults. We also pay great attention to the choice of new parents for our pets.

Kittens move to a new home not earlier than 4 months of age, after treatment for ectoparasites, deworming and a full vaccination course with a full package of documents.

Kittens delivery is possible on the territory of Ukraine and to many countries of the world.  Our graduates live in families from Russia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  We cooperate with experienced couriers and cargo agents.

Our cattery was registered in the Dnepropetrovsk regional breeding felinological center “Alice” in 2015 (WCF reg.№8000).

We will be happy to help you choose your future family member by providing all the necessary information about each kitten that will interest you.

Sincerely, the owners of the cattery Olya Ivaschenko and Olya Chumak.